It’s All About The Bears At Katmai National Park and Katmai Water Taxi will take there.

Alaska’s vast landscapes are full of incredible wildlife and rugged terrain that stretches across the entire state. One of the largest and most well-known residents is the Brown Bear or “Grizzly Bear.” With Katmai Water Taxi you can head out on a bear watching excursion to Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park. This area is prime for spotting bears looking for a tasty salmon and is only a short distance from your departure point at Lake Camp on Naknek Lake.

The Brown Bear

Brown bears are known to live throughout the northern hemisphere. They are common throughout much of Alaska and the Northwestern region of North America. Grizzlies have also been seen in places like Russia, northern China, and even a few areas of Europe. The brown bear can weigh in as much as 1,500 pounds and are most commonly found on the southern coast of Alaska where the salmon is plentiful. Brown bears, unlike the smaller black bear, have long straighter claws to help them dig; whereas black bears have shorter curved claws that are good for climbing. Brown bears are also bulkier than its cousins, the polar bear, and black bear, with a hump conformation in the shoulder area. This feature makes them less streamlined but better at running with quick bursts of speed to catch their prey.

When A Bear’s Belly Grumbles

Brown bears have a history of making their way into human territory over the years. Whether they are digging through the trash left out at modern homes or stealing fish from villages many years ago. Grizzlies are omnivorous and therefore love a hearty diet of meat, berries, roots, and other tasty morsels in their habitats. Their claws allow them to dig up roots to munch on or capture and tear their prey for easier consumption. Brown bears love a diet of salmon and tend to hang out near the spawning salmon streams for an easy meal. They can also be found on sedge flats where certain grasses, roots, and ground squirrels are bountiful.

Ready For Their Close-ups

Feeding areas like the salmon streams and sedge flats are prime spots for bear watching and finding several in one area. Brown bears like to remain solitary and only really spend time with other bears in these feeding areas. Brooks Falls is a popular spot for bears in search of salmon and creates a fantastic viewing area. Photographers and animal lovers alike will enjoy this site as the bears do what bears do with you watching on.